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Toothbrushes for Pets


We have found this to be an amazing product. Plaque Off is a powder that is sprinkled on food. It can loosen plaque and prevent further build-up. We particularly recommend it following dental procedures. Use in conjunction with toothbrushing to get maximum results.

A toothbrush for small dogs and cats

A great toothbrush option for smaller pets. For pets susceptible to dental disease, brushing can be used in conjunction with Plaque-Off administration.

The Best Toothbrush for larger dogs and cats

If you have a larger pet, this toothbrush is specifically designed to fit the teeth and gums allowing cleaning of all surfaces in the one brushing action.

Toothpaste for Pets

Dentipet toothpaste - The highly recommended Australian brand

This is a great Australian product. Use this excellent pet toothpaste to get the best results with your brushing.

Great Toothpaste – But not Australian

An alternative to Dentipet toothpaste if it is not available

Dental Chews for Pets

Greenies Dental Chews for smaller dogs

Use these sparingly. Once or twice daily is plenty to provide a treat that is also good for dental health.

Pedigree Dentastix Chews for all dog sizes

Dentastix have a firm texture and a shape that helps to clean teeth and stimulate the gums. One/day is plenty.

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